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- Description -

In a nutshell:

With the airsoft grenade shell that we created you can get an immediate advantage on any airsoft field, let it be a forest, a deserted army base or even a CQB arena. This grenade shell is a good choice for every occasion. The first prototypes have been serving for 2 years without any failure!

Quick and easy use

The grenade’s secret is in its inner workings. To make it as easy as possible to acquire all the necessary accessories, we made it compatible with the well-known Thunder-B fuse, which can be obtained from most of the bigger airsoft retailers or if you already have one or more, you are set to go! The shell’s shape and appearance resembles a Thunder-B shell, but differs in the way it generates the sound! Instead of the whole shell breaking under the pressure that escapes the CO2 cartridge, only a thin, rubber disc ruptures on its bottom during operation, generating the familiar sound of the grenade, that can be replaced for next to nothing.

- Contact -

Infinade Pressure
Price*: 14.000HUF + VAT

Phone(Balázs Bakos(8-20)):
+36 31 SevenEightThree 2401

Phone(Béla Tóth(16-20)):
+36 30 SixTwoFour 7703

Email: rendeles.infinade@gmail.com

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*The price is only indicative
and does not contain the fuse.

Infinade Boom
Price*: 12.000HUF + VAT

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